swivelCard Photos

Ideas for swivelCard

A swivelCard uses regular paper and has a USB drive embedded. The card points to any web page you choose, so the capacity is unlimited. Track the use of the card and update the data on the page the card points to anytime. Imagine how swivelCard could empower your conversations:

  • Photographers – Stand out at the next trade show by presenting unique portfolios without requiring a signup.
  • Real estate agents – Post new properties to view each day on the SwivelCards you’ve distributed to your clients.
  • Getting married? – Give a swivelCard to each guest and update it with photos and a personal note after the wedding.
  • Salespeople – Include a presentation on your swivelCard. Tailor the cards differently for each prospective customer.
  • Small Business Owners – Be the talk of your next networking meeting simply because of your premium business card.
  • Imagine how swivelCard could transform your world…

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