How to Block Users from Installing Software on Your Windows Computer

“ resistance is bootless …. ” is not something you ‘ll want to hear from a personal computer. When besides many people access your calculator, it ‘s best to restrict the Windows Installer. We show you how. No matter if you ’ re using your employer or your personal computer, it ’ s a huge security risk if anyone can install software on your device. An unknown app may lead to a malware infection, or it could monitor your action, which is a considerable menace to personal security .
additionally, it ’ sulfur actually annoying to constantly have to remove useless apps that others have installed. In this article, we ’ ll show you how you can use Windows built-in tools to stop anyone from installing software on your computer. besides, there are a couple of third-party apps that you can use.

1. Add a Local User (Non-Administrative) Account

If you don ’ thyroxine want to install an app or constantly change your arrangement settings to keep other people from installing software on your calculator, adding a standard report should be enough. A Local User report has no elevated rights and can ’ t cope apps or change your system settings .
here ’ s how you can cursorily add a Local User account in Windows 11 :

  1. Launch Windows Settings and go to Accounts.
  2. There, select Family & other users.
  3. Click the Add account button next to Add a family member.
  4. Go through the steps and make sure to choose a non-administrative account.

Managing accounts on a Windows computer additionally, you can remove any other administrative Microsoft report, except for yours .

2. Stop Users From Installing Third-Party Apps

There ’ s a chance that stopping other users from installing third-party apps on your computer might be adequate to keep you safe from any malware attack. hera ’ s how you can set your system to allow the installation of Microsoft apps only .

  1. Open the Settings menu by pressing Windows key + I.
  2. From the left pane, select Apps.
  3. Click Apps & features.
  4. Open the drop-down menu next to Choose where to get apps and select The Microsoft Store only (Recommended).

Apps settings in Windows 11 These methods aren ’ triiodothyronine that complicated, and they might not stop a user with basic cognition about Windows from installing software. thus, we ’ ll take a expression at more complex solutions to keep your computer safe .

3. Edit the Group Policy Editor

Group Policy contains multiple groups of policies, allowing you to change administrative-level settings. There ’ sulfur a Windows Installer dedicated policy that you can disable and stop users from installing new software on your computer. here ’ s how you can do it :

  1. Press Windows key + R to bring up a Run dialog.
  2. Type gpedit.msc and click OK.
  3. In the Local Group Policy Editor, navigate to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Installer.
  4. In the right pane, locate and open Turn off Windows Installer.
  5. Select Enabled.
  6. Click Apply > OK to save the new system changes.

Turning off Windows Installer from Group Policy The change will take effect after you restart your computer. If you want to undo the change, go through the above steps and blue-ribbon Disabled in step 5 .

4. Don’t Run Specified Windows Applications

Another way to block the Windows Installer from being used can be found in another area of the Local Group Policy Editor .
Go back to the chief menu in the Policy Editor windowpane, and voyage to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System. In the right-hand window, scroll down until you find Don’t Run Specified Windows Applications. As the claim implies, this is used for blocking certain programs from being run, but we can besides use it to block the Windows Installer .
Group Policy apps in Windows 11 Double-click that and another windowpane appears. When you click Enabled, a new option appears called List of Disallowed Applications. Click Show and a third windowpane appears, where you type in the path of the platform to be blocked .
You have to lay out the route to the location of the Windows Installer, so the Policy Editor can find it. The Windows Installer Program is called msiexec.exe and is located at C:\Windows\System32\msiexec.exe
transcript and paste that into the space provided in the box and snap OK. The Windows Installer should now be blocked.

5. Edit the Registry Editor

similar to the Group Policy Editor, the Registry Editor contains settings regarding your function system and all the install software. Before editing the register, create a restore point in case something goes improper and you end up messing up the register .

  1. In the Start menu search bar, search for registry editor and select the Best match.
  2. In the Registry Editor window, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Classes > Msi.Package > DefaultIcon.
  3. In the right pane, open the (Default) key.
  4. Change Value data to C:\Windows\System32\msiexec.exe,1.
  5. Restart your computer.

Editing the registry in Windows 11

6. Disable USB Ports

even if you haven ’ thyroxine connected your calculator to the internet, person might even install software on your computer using a USB flash drive. To prevent this from happening, you should disable the USB ports. The process is quite childlike, and you can re-enable the ports when you need them .

7. Software Options

If you ’ re not comfortable editing the Group Policy or Registry Editor, you can try an app to stop early users from installing software without your blessing .


This stops anything from being installed by looking out for certain keywords in apps running on your system. so if person tries to install something, and a keyword is noticed, Install-Block mechanically blocks it from going any far .
Install-Block will ask for a password when person tries to install an app on your calculator. If they don ’ t know the password, they can ’ thymine continue the process .
Install block for Windows evening if you ’ ve signed in with an administrative account, Install-Block will stop anyone from making changes to your system as it can block access to the Start menu, Task Manager, Control Panel, and more .
additionally, you can use Install-Block to stop people from accessing the folders, software, or even games .
Download: Install-Block ( Free trial )

Deep Freeze

One final scheme option is “ deep-freezing ” your computer, which resets your organization binding to a previous department of state every clock time you reboot it. This means, any changes made to your computer will be wiped out when rebooted. sol if person dares to install something, it will be deleted when you switch the computer off .
Deep Freeze for Windows The only downside to this of course is that it will besides wipe out your changes. So it ‘s not perfect .
Download: Deep Freeze ( Free trial )

No More Unauthorized Apps

As we ’ ve discussed, there are batch of options when it comes to stopping early users from installing software on your calculator. even Windows native solutions are enough to keep your computer safe. however, if you want to take it a tone promote, you can choose one of the software options.

If you ’ re concerned about malware attacks or keyloggers, there are more ways to upgrade your Windows 11 security .

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