How to Install and Run Android Apps on Windows 10 PC?

surprised ! It ’ s genuine you can run and install Android apps on Windows using these Android emulators .
phone Screen have allows you to effectively mirror your Android phone ’ s screen immediately on your personal computer. But something is for certain, this international relations and security network ’ t the ultimate solution to run and install Android apps on Windows 10.

What is the use of Emulator?

Emulators are used for two most park purposes :
1. For Gaming: – Some gamers like to play their darling Android games on personal computer as they don ’ t need to worry about battery life. furthermore, they can use little tricks and win well .
2. Development: – Developers before releasing the concluding translation of their app/ game like to test it on several machines. For this, the most common copycat used is android Studio copycat .
If you wonder, how to install and run Android apps on Windows 10, then we have an effective solution available for you in the form of the best android copycat for personal computer. These smart apps help you run your favored Android app or game on a big personal computer screen .

Here Are The Best Ways to Run and Install Android Apps on Windows 10

But First, make some room ( storage space ) for installing multiple applications on your window personal computer. Use Advanced System Optimizer, a multipurpose Windows utility to clean, optimize and protect your calculator. It supports a kind of features to clean debris files, temp files, duplicate data, uninstall unwanted/old applications, game optimizer, register uninfected, and more. once you declutter your system, you are all rig to install and run diverse Android applications on your Windows 10 personal computer. To know more about the excellent utility, check out the dispatch review !
Click Here to Download Advanced System Optimizer
download not lone this, running Advanced System Optimizer will surely provide a significant rise to your system. Don ’ thyroxine believe us ? Run the application and try it yourself. Do not forget to share your personal feel with us, later !

here ’ s a summation of the best apps that will help you easily install and run Android apps on Windows 10. All the features and download links are mentioned below. Choose the most suitable choice, according to your needs and preferences !

1. Bluestacks copycat

One of the full-bodied Android emulators, that allows you to run Android games and apps on Windows is Bluestacks. Although this Android copycat is barely an app musician. This means you ’ ll not be able to replicate complete Android experience. But its customs design makes easy to toggle emulation settings and launching apps. furthermore, with Bluestacks you can take mobile gaming on the personal computer to the future tied. That is why rather of being known as an Android copycat it is considered as one of the best android gambling platforms on Windows 10 .
To use Bluestacks Android copycat on Windows 10 follow the steps below :
Step1: Download Bluestacks by clicking here .
Step 2: once done launching and install the application > select the placement to save app and data files. ( Bluestacks installs on OS drive by default. )
Step 3: Once the installation is done, launch the Bluestacks app and enter your Google account details. hera you ’ ll find all your installed and purchased apps .
Bluestacks android emulator
Download here
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2. YouWave

Download thousands of Android apps within YouWave – one of the older Android emulators for Windows 10. This Android copycat for Windows 10 provides a ten-day test, meaning you can get the spirit of Android apps and decide if you want to buy it .
Unlike Bluestacks, YouWave does not offer any game-specific feature of speech but it gives a wide Android system on Windows 10. furthermore, YouWave has its own case of VirtualBox, therefore, if you have VirtualBox installed you ’ ll have to uninstall it .
Download here
You won ’ t rule many apps on YouWave but can install Google Play on it to get more apps .
To use YouWave click the View menu > choose Online Content > click Google Play icon and download it .
again, click View menu > select Apps > click the Google Play app. Google Play will be installed .
You will now be able to launch Google Play within the Android copycat to browse and install Android apps on Windows 10. To download apps, you ’ ll need a Google report, but if you don ’ t have one, you can constantly create a new one .
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3. android Studio ’ s Emulator

This one is the default console table you get in Android devices. It comes with different tools to help developers design apps and games. Android Studio ’ s Emulator simulates Android device on Windows 10 devices. It allows developers to test their applications on versatile devices and Android API without a physical device .
Android studio emulator
Download here
android Studio ’ sulfur copycat is designed for developers as the setup is complicated and a novitiate might face difficulty in setting it up .

4. Genymotion

Genymotion is an incredible Android copycat for Windows 10. Using it identical easy this means you won ’ metric ton face any problem navigate and controlling applications. Dozens of Android apps can be emulated using Genymotion .
Download here
This Android copycat is for Windows and is a cloud-based instrument that helps to boost efficiency .

5. ARChon Runtime

This Android copycat allows you to run APK Android apps and games on your personal computer. Designed for Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, this is an amaze creature.

archon runtime
If you want to use this Android copycat to install Android apps on Windows 10 manual campaign is required in terms of installation and optimization .
Download here
ARChon directly is not an copycat it runs natively in its proper runtime. You can use it to run Android apps in Chrome. This means you can run Android apps on any OS that has Chrome installed on it .
To use it download it. Unzip the downloaded charge > rename its directory. open Chrome > head to chrome : //extensions > enable developer mood > snap load unpack extension > select the directory where you unzipped ARChon Runtime. Chrome will now load the reference and you ’ ll see ARChon Runtime among the extensions .

6. Bliss

This Android copycat is an open-source OS based on Android that you can run on Windows 10 to run Android apps. It works on personal computer via a virtual machine, using a USB stick you can run it. surely, it is a power exploiter option therefore not recommended for dim-witted users .
furthermore, Bliss Android copycat for Windows 10 provides an choice to customize settings. Along with this, Bliss OS offers extra security options and features .

7. PrimeOS

PrimeOS is an function system based on Android X86. It converts your computer into Android like device thus that you can use exclusive Android apps and still get the feel of a calculator .
Prime OS
PrimeOS transforms your personal computer into the best bet on mobile device so that you can play games with your Mouse and Keyboard. It adopts start menu to give you the fell of the system. You can manage installed apps and can besides search, create shortcuts and enter into the system settings .

8. KoPlayer

Another Android copycat worth mention is KoPlayer. This copycat allows you to run Android games and apps on personal computer. It has a number of features that make it stand out .
KOPlayer is a solid Android copycat for Windows 10 that allows running Android apps on Windows 10. This copycat brings quality Android playing know to the Windows platform. KOPlayer uses cutting border kernel engineering .

9. Remix OS

Latest Remix OS gives the option to run Android apps on Windows 10. This Android copycat ensures that Android is not restricted just to a smartphone. Using this full-blown operate system made by Jide you can enjoy running Android apps on your windows personal computer. All types of apps including games can be run on this OS .
Remix Os
The alone drawback of this OS is its apparatus as it is a bit complicate. To set it up you ’ ll need to disable secure boot > choose Remix OS. This OS was derived from Android-X86 that let Android to work on unconstipated personal computer hardware without any problem .

10. Andy

Another utilitarian platform that lets you run Android apps and games on personal computer is Andy. It is built on Android Marshmallow and is perfect particularly when you want to enjoy some selected games. This one comes pre-installed with Amazon Appstore. This means you won ’ thyroxine girl Google Playstore. There is no doubt in the stability but there is drawback you may see ads that will interrupt your influence .


still, looking for more option on how to install Android apps on Windows 10 then you can consider this option. AMIDuOS Android copycat allows using the personal computer for launching apps developed for Android OS .
To use this Android copycat, you need entirely 2GB free space on your hard drive. It is compatible with all new versions of Windows. furthermore, Amazon App storehouse comes pre-installed to offer your versatile apps .

FAQ on How to run and install Android apps on Windows 10 :


Can I run Android apps on my computer?

Yes, you can. The easiest & safest solution to run and install Android apps on your calculator is to use best Android copycat for personal computer. These apps do with a desirable mechanism and environment to help you run your favorite Android app or game on a big personal computer riddle .

How do I run Android apps on Windows?

With the Phone Screen have, you can mirror your Android phone ’ second screen directly on your personal computer. In accession to that, you can use Android copycat apps for Windows to perform the undertaking. Using these apps is the easiest and safest solution to run and install Android apps on Windows 10 .

How to install Google Play apps on Windows 10?

To do this, install an Android copycat app on your personal computer and start using Google Play apps on Windows 10. To do this, you can install apps such as Bluestacks for seamless exploiter feel .

How can I run Android apps on PC without an emulator?

Yes, it is possible. To do this, read the instructions here .

Is it illegal to use an emulator?

Using copycat apps is legal as these apps are designed to emulate in a platform and runs an bone that is legal itself. however, if you are trying to emulate hardware of a physical device such as an iPhone, then it is illegal .


Being an open-source platform, Android is loved by one and all. It offers tons of utilitarian features that you can ’ triiodothyronine receive on early mobile platforms. One such feature is freedom to access Android apps & games on big personal computer screens. now that you know the best android copycat for personal computer to run and install Android apps on Windows 10, do try these ache apps and share your feel in the comments below. You can besides like us on our social media platforms to find more useful content .

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