How to Reinstall Camera Driver for Windows 10 [Easy Guide]

How to fix Camera not working Windows 10 [Solved]

If you are facing “ Camera not working Windows 10 ” or “ We can’t find your camera ” topic on your computer while upgrade to Windows 10, then you can read & follow our instructions to fix this offspring. One possible solution to fix this consequence is to download/install Camera Driver for Windows 10. In this article, we are discussing about Camera Problem in details and providing recommend methods/procedures to fix. Let ’ s starts the discussion .

About Webcam Driver or Camera driver

Webcam Driver ” is program that allows communication between your webcam ( in-build or external television camera on your calculator ) and your personal computer. This driver software should be update in order to keep the devices running well. In holy order to make your camera work together with your calculator, you need to install “ Camera Drivers ”.

To get television camera driver for Windows 10, you need to visit official web site of your camera manufacturer and find the latest driver for your camera device according to your engage system versions like Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit architecture. After that, just double-click on “ Setup file ” or “ Downloaded file ” and follow on-screen instructions to finish the initiation. Although, Windows 10 can detect and configure most cameras automatically, sometimes the peripheral may on the spur of the moment stop working because of the driver, System update, privacy Setting or hardware related problem. now comes to matter “ We can ’ t find your camera ” Error, many users reported about this return on versatile popular on-line platforms including Microsoft Official forum site and early platforms, asked for the solution. Users explained that this error occurs normally when they trying to open Camera app on Windows 10 .

Reasons behind this problem

  • Missing or corrupted System important files
  • Missing, outdated or compatible camera drivers
  • Recent Windows 10 update causes several problems, reported by users
  • Problematic hardware or software can cause “Camera not working Windows 10”
  • Viruses or malware attack can cause serious damages in computer like this error

[Tips & Tricks] How to Fix Camera not working Windows 10?

Procedure 1: Reinstall Camera Driver for Windows 10

blank In lawsuit if your camera is not working in Windows 10, it might be missing drivers after a recent Windows 10 update. It is besides potential that your antivirus software is blocking the camera, your privacy settings don ’ metric ton allow camera access for some apps. To reinstall camera driver, follow the steps below tone 1 : imperativeness “ Windows + X ” key from keyboard and choose “ Device Manager ” footprint 2 : In the opened “ Device Manager ” window, locate “ Imaging Devices ” and expand it tone 3 : Right-click on your camera device and choose “ Uninstall ” step 4 : follow On-Screen instructions to finish uninstall serve step 5 : once done, restart your computer. step 6 : After rebooting, Windows will reinstall the driver mechanically. After that, please check if the “ We can ’ thyroxine find your camera ” problem is resolved .

Procedure 2: Download/Reinstall Camera Driver for Windows 10

blank step 1 : At first, you need to go to PCs manufacturer ’ s web site to download the latest television camera driver for Windows 10. For some personal computer models, then PC manufacturer may not release Windows driver. If you are in this situation, download the driver for Windows 7 or Windows 8 which is compatible with Windows 10 step 2 : Double-click on download driver file .zip charge or .exe file, and press out or install the driver by following on-screen instructions. step 3 : After installing the driver, please check if the problem is persists .

Procedure 3: Disable and enable the device

blank step 1 : compress “ Windows + X ” keys together from keyboard and choice “ Device Manager ” dance step 2 : In the open “ Device Manager ” window, find “ Imaging Devices ” and expand it step 3 : Right-click on your television camera device and blue-ribbon “ Disable ” step 4 : After few seconds, Right-click on your television camera device in “ Device Manager ” again and select “ Enable ”. Once done, please check if the problem is resolved .

Procedure 4: Roll back the camera driver

blank gradation 1 : open “ Device Manager ” and wardrobe & hold your television camera and then select “ Properties ” footfall 2 : In the open “ Properties ” window, click on “ Driver ” tab and choice “ Roll Back Driver ” and then choose “ Yes ”

footstep 3 : After the roll back is complete, restart your device and then try opening Camera App again .

Procedure 5: Check for an incompatible camera driver

blank dance step 1 : outdoors “ Device Manager ”, look for “ Imaging devices ” and expand it dance step 2 : Right-click on your television camera drivers and blue-ribbon “ Properties ” step 3 : choice “ Driver ” tab and choose “ Driver details ”. step 4 : look for a charge name that includes “ Stream.sys ”. If it is there, you camera was designed before Windows 7 and you will have to replace it with a fresh television camera. step 5 : If you don ’ thymine find the file list that includes “ Stream.sys ”, then follow ‘ Procedure 4 ’ to roll back driver .

Procedure 6: Check for Windows 10 update

blank step 1 : wardrobe “ Windows + I ” keys together from keyboard to open “ Settings ” App step 2 : Go to “ Update & Security > Windows update ” step 3 : snap on “ Check for update ” under “ Windows update ” incision footprint 4 : This process will automatically download/install the available Windows update on your calculator. After updated, restart your calculator and please check if the trouble is resolved .

Procedure 7: How to update or Reinstall Camera Driver for Windows 10? [Automatically]

Download software for drivers update If you don ’ t have enough computer cognition, clock time, or solitaire to update your television camera driver manually, then you can go to automatic method acting. You can use “ Automatic Driver Update Software ” to update television camera driver on Windows 10 with just few clicks. This software will mechanically recognize your System and find the latest driver software for it. To get this software, you can click on above link

Procedure 8: Allows Apps access to camera using “Privacy settings”

blank tone 1 : bid “ Windows + I ” keys in concert from keyboard to open “ Settings ” App step 2 : In the open “ Settings ” App, suction stop on “ Privacy > Camera ” footstep 3 : suction stop on “ Change ” button under “ Allow access to the television camera to this device ” section step 4 : now, suction stop on “ television camera access for this device ” and “ Allow apps to access your television camera ” to turn ON footfall 5 : become ON the toggle interchange for the apps under “ Choose which Microsoft Store apps can access your television camera ” part .


I am sure this article helped you to “How to Reinstall Camera Driver for Windows 10”, “How to fix Camera not working Windows 10”, ”How to fix We can’t find your camera on Windows 10 ” with several easy methods/procedures. You can choose/follow either one or all procedures to fix this return. If you are unable to fix How to fix Camera not working Windows 10 problem with the solutions mentioned above, then it might possible that your System has infected with malware or viruses. According to security system researchers, malware or viruses cause respective damages in your computer. In this case, you can scan your calculator with knock-down antivirus software that has the ability to delete all types of malware or viruses from System. You can besides try another potential solution to fix this issue. We recommended you to Repair your PCs/laptops with powerful PC Repair Tools/Software that has the ability to remove all the staff software, clean System register, remove all types of malware or viruses, fix all types of bugs or errors and improves System performance a well. You can download brawny PC Repair Tool/Software via “ Download ” link below.

Is Your PC Behaving Abnormal & Needs Instant Optimzation? We recommend you to choose Advanced System Repair Suite which is dedicated to offer complete options to optimize a personal computer, fix any Windows error, and remove malware threats in easy. The software is award winning and suggested as the best malware fix application supporting all Windows versions including XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10. fair 3 steps to avail error barren personal computer. blank

  1. Download Advanced System Repair and install on your PC. (Follow all on screen instructions when installer is executed)
  2. Click “Scan Your PC” button to scan all present issues, errors, junk files, and malware threats.
  3. Finally, click “Start Repair” to fix all detected problems in next few minutes.
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