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How to Install Kaspersky Antivirus?

An Antivirus course of study developed by Kaspersky Lab, Kaspersky Antivirus protects computers from malware and other security threats. The antivirus program primarily works on systems that run Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux ( for business users ) .
To install Kaspersky Antivirus follow the instructions given below :

  • standard initiation : Download the .exe file from the Kaspersky Lab site ; run the file. Click the Install button. Accept the End User License Agreement, and let the plan stool changes to your calculator system. Click the Finish button in the Kaspersky Anti-Virus window to complete the installation .
  • Command Prompt Installation : Download the installation from the Kaspersky Lab locate. Run the command-line interface. To let the installer way appear in the command-line interface, puff and drop the installer picture into the command line interface. Enter the relevant command with the right field parameters and options in the instruction line to run the installer. Press the ENTER keystone to run the instruction. Follow the charming ’ second instructions, and complete the facility.

  • A calculator without CD/DVD drive installation : Download the installation file. Install the antivirus program. Use a commercial activation code, and activate the application. See the first page of the Quick Start Guide to search the activation code for the retail version .

How to install Kaspersky antivirus without cd?

In regulate to install this antivirus without four hundred you have to plainly follow these steps which are given below :

  • The first direction to install is a criterion way of initiation i.e- Download the .exe file from the web site Kaspersky lab and then run the file. After that click on the initiation button. Accept all agreement, after accepting this program will make some changes in your system to wait for some time, and then the finish up choice will appear on the Kaspersky antivirus window. Click on that finish clitoris. And Antivirus installed in your computer .
  • The second base way to install without compact disk is- Firstly download the facility file, and then install an antivirus program. Use a commercial energizing code and activate the application. An energizing code is a code with the aid of which you can activate Kaspersky Lab products for occupation. this code you have to purchase to get a license for using Kaspersky antivirus. For activation of code see the first page of the Quick Start Guide to search the energizing code for the retail translation.

There was some easy way to install to Kaspersky antivirus in your system without compact disk to save your personal computer from malware .

Kaspersky Antivirus Phone Number

Want to install Kaspersky antivirus ? Call on Kaspersky ‘s antivirus phone count and talk to support technicians. Kaspersky ‘s antivirus earphone number   allows you to contact support professionals to obtain needed solutions at the earliest. The solutions provided are easy to use, comprehensive, and handy .

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