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The Office Starter 2010 software, which includes Excel Starter 2010 and Word Starter 2010, comes preloaded on all Summer 2010 VAIO® computer models but must be installed before it can be used. Follow this procedure to install the Office Starter 2010 software : important :

  • The Office Starter 2010 software is currently only available on Summer 2010 VAIO computers. For questions regarding the availability and support of the Office Starter 2010 software on older VAIO computer models, please contact Microsoft.
  • Because there are online components involved with the software installation, an active Internet connection is required.
  • When the Office Starter software is installed, it creates a protected virtual drive where the program and all the associated Office Starter files reside. This virtual drive will show up in Windows Explorer as the q : \ drive. This virtual drive allows the Office Starter software to update automatically whenever the computer is connected to the Internet, and provides a more optimal security experience for your Office Starter files.
  • Before attempting to install the Office Starter software, verify that the q : \

    drive is not being used. If the computer is already using the q : \ drive when the Office Starter software is installed, the installation will fail.

  • Because it is a virtual drive created specifically for the Office Starter 2010 software, the q : \ drive is only accessible from within the Office Starter 2010 software and cannot be accessed or browsed from Windows Explorer. Attempting to do so will result in a q : \ drive is not accessible. Access is denied. error message.
  • More information regarding the q : \ drive and the Office Click-to-Run virtualization technology used by the Office Starter 2010 software can be found in the Microsoft KB Article ID 982434.
  1. Click the begin button, click All Programs, and then click Microsoft Office 2010. Image
  2. In the Microsoft Office 2010 window, next to Use Office Starter 2010, click the use button. Image
  3. In the Office Starter 2010 window, under What is Microsoft Office Starter 2010 ?, click the Open button. Image NOTES :
    • This will begin the installation process for the Microsoft Office Starter 2010 software. If you would prefer to purchase and install the complete Microsoft Office 2010 Suite, click the Purchase


    • If prompted for an administrator password or a User Account Control prompt is displayed, type the appropriate password, or click Yes.
    • Once the software has been installed, a Document – Microsoft Word Starter window will open, and the Microsoft Office License Agreement window will be displayed on top of that.
  4. In the Microsoft Office License Agreement window, click the license agreement link, read the License Agreement, and then click the Accept button. Image note : You can besides click either of the Learn More links or the privacy statement liaison for extra information regarding the Microsoft Office Starter 2010 software .
  5. In the Help Protect and Improve Microsoft Office window, click to select the desired option, and then click the oklahoma button. Image note : If prompted for an administrator password or a User Account Control immediate is displayed, type the allow password, or cluck Yes .
  6. You will now be at the Document1 – Microsoft Word Starter window, where you can begin using the Word Starter 2010 application. Image


  • To open either the Word Starter 2010 or Excel Starter 2010 application, click Start

    , click Microsoft Office Starter ( English ), and then click the Office Starter application you wish to use. Image

  • You will notice that the Microsoft Office 2010 icon is still present in the begin menu. You can use this icon to either activate a full version of Office 2010 that you have previously purchased, or to purchase a full version of Office 2010 online. Image
  • Additional information about how to use Word Starter 2010 and Excel Starter 2010 can be found at the following Microsoft sites:
    • Introduction to Word Starter 2010
    • Introduction to Excel Starter 2010
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