How to Install Microsoft Office on Linux

Microsoft Office on Linux is possible. here are three methods for getting Microsoft Office installed in a Linux environment. Getting Microsoft Office on Linux is easy. This article covers three methods for running Microsoft ‘s Office software in a Linux environment .
The most widely used office productivity cortege in the global is Microsoft Office. It does n’t matter if your personal computer runs Windows 10 or macOS, it ‘s likely that you ‘re using Microsoft Office. If you ‘re not, you have a colleague who is .

But your personal computer runs Linux. How on earth are you going to install Microsoft Office on Linux, and use it without running into problems ?

How to Install Microsoft Office on Linux

You have three ways to run Microsoft ‘s industry-defining office software on a Linux calculator :

  1. Use Microsoft Office on the web in a Linux browser.
  2. Install Microsoft Office using PlayOnLinux.
  3. Use Microsoft Office in a Windows virtual machine.

note that there is no Microsoft Office 365 for Linux. There is besides no MS Office for Linux, but these methods let you run Microsoft Office on Linux, without the enhancements Office 365 brings .

Option 1: Use Microsoft Office in a Browser

It might not be the full moon Microsoft Office, but what is made available via your browser is surely good enough for a big lump of office-based tasks. It ‘s an easy way to get started without paying for the full Microsoft Office cortege .
Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook can all be accessed via your browser and Microsoft bill .
Using Microsoft Word in a browser on Ubuntu Is your imitate of Microsoft Office via monthly subscription to Office 365 ? linux users can take advantage of the advance browser-based tools that make this interpretation of Office about adenine complete as the Windows, Mac, and mobile versions .
As the cortege is browser based, it ‘s not going to be available offline. however, you can make things smoother by setting as a desktop shortcut. Files will be saved to the cloud, and the best manner to manage this is with a Microsoft OneDrive account .
Without Office 365, you ‘ll get a stripped-back solicitation of features. Though useful in a pinch, it does n’t do everything you expect .

Option 2: Install Microsoft Office Using PlayOnLinux

Need the wax Microsoft Office on Linux ? You ‘ll need to install it. immediately, you credibly think that it is n’t possible to install Windows software on Linux, and to a certain degree that is true. fortunately, other tools are available to help you install Windows software like Microsoft Word on Linux, along with the rest of the office suite .
The simplest way to install Microsoft Office is using PlayOnLinux. The keep up instructions are for installing Office 365 on Ubuntu, but you ‘ll be able to customize this for distros that use different box managers .

Install PlayOnLinux

Begin by opening a concluding window and installing winbind :

sudo apt  install winbind

This is a joyride that ensures that PlayOnLinux correctly links the Windows login on the software you ‘re attempting to install. You may besides need to install curl and p7zip-full if they ‘re not already installed .
following, install PlayOnLinux .

sudo apt  install  playonlinux

alternatively, you can open your distro ‘s app installer. On Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, use Ubuntu Software to search for PlayOnLinux and pawl Install. Wait for initiation to complete .
now, all you need to do is launching PlayOnLinux from Menu > Applications. To install Microsoft Office, click the Office yellow journalism, then either use the search field or browse the list. Note that you ‘ll need to install the wax suite, as no individual apps ( aside from project 2010, and Word Viewer and Excel Viewer ) are available .
You ‘ll notice that with each app you select in PlayOnLinux, a compendious of compatibility is displayed on the right. For far details about this, click the link. A browser window will take you to WineHQ, where you can find out more .
Office versions rated for compatibility on WineHQ On Linux you ‘re limited to Microsoft Office 2016 as the latest version ( the 32-bit version, at best ). For the best, most stable results, practice Microsoft Office 2016 (method B). For this, you ‘ll need the installation media ( or ISO file ) or setup file, along with a genuine product key .

Install Microsoft Office on Ubuntu With PlayOnLinux

With the ISO file ready, pawl Install.
Install Office on Linux The PlayOnLinux Wizard will start and prompt you to select a DVD-ROM or a apparatus file. Choose the appropriate option, then Next. If you ‘re using a setup file, you ‘ll need to browse to where this is stored on your Linux system .
Click Next to proceed with the facility. Once complete, Microsoft Office will be quick to run on Linux .
You ‘ll be able to run Microsoft Office from the desktop without individually loading PlayOnLinux, which will run in the background .
Need a feature of speech that is only available in the latest translation of Microsoft Office ? Consider CrossOver, a pay joyride with a free trial that can run more recent versions of Microsoft Office .

initiation of CrossOver is more straightforward than PlayOnLinux, while initiation of Office is along similar lines ( there is a developmental joining between the two tools ) .
And yes, having Windows software running effortlessly on your linux personal computer very is amazing, is n’t it ? You ‘ll find that PlayOnLinux can support several other applications, ampere well as many Windows games .

Option 3: Install Microsoft Office 365 on Linux in a Windows VM

Run Windows in a virtual machine There is another option for anyone wish to install Microsoft Office on their Linux computer. This is n’t equally easy as the others, however, unless you ‘re already running a Windows virtual machine .
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In this encase, all you need to do is boot your virtual machine, gestural into Windows, and install Microsoft Office. Linux users can install any version of Office this way, unlike using Wine/PlayOnLinux, which can be utilitarian for charge compatibility .

Get Microsoft Office for Linux Today!

Microsoft Office is not the most ideal option for running office tasks on Linux systems. however, if it ‘s what you need to get the occupation done, you have four estimable options to install MS Office on Linux .
Yes, open-source alternatives are best for most Linux function productivity tasks but installing Microsoft Office get the best document compatibility problems. This can prove vital in meeting deadlines or accessing complex spreadsheets and databases.

once you ‘ve sorted out installing Microsoft Office on Linux, do n’t stop there. so much more Windows software can be installed on Linux, much without virtualization .

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