How to Reinstall Microsoft Office Picture Manager

The newer versions of Microsoft Office do with a short ton of raw features, but you ’ ll notification that the Microsoft Office Picture Manager isn ’ t a separate of the MS Office Suite anymore. The survive MS Office version that included Picture Manager was Microsoft Office 2010 .
picture Manager allowed users to view and edit pictures, precisely like the stream Photos app. however, it hadn ’ t been updated since MS Office 2003 ( i.e., when XP reigned sovereign on PCs across the populace ). Microsoft added the Photos app as a modern replacement to the Microsoft Office Picture Manager, sol new versions of MS Office nobelium longer include the Picture Manager .
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    however, if you ’ ve catch comfortable making quick edits with the Picture Manager, you can hush install it as a standalone app.

    How to Install Microsoft Office Picture Manager

    Since the app is available as a standalone, you don ’ t need to downgrade your MS Office fair to get it back. You can get the Picture Manager back using the setup files for an older MS Office version ( i.e., 2003, 2007, or 2010 ) .
    If you don ’ t have the frame-up files, you can use the SharePoint Designer frame-up ( which includes the Microsoft Office Picture Manager as one of its components ). The frame-up is available for spare on the Microsoft web site. Regardless of which way you decide to install Picture Manager, the procedure is basically the lapp .

    1. Download SharePoint Designer 2010 and run the .exe file.
    2. This will launch the installation wizard. Check the box beside I accept the terms of this agreement and select Continue
    1. On the next screen, select Customize.
    1. Select the Not available option for all modules in the list. You need to do this so the wizard doesn’t install any other components except for the Picture Manager. If you’re using the Office setup instead of the SharePoint Designer 2010 setup, the only difference is that you’ll have a few more modules. Just mark everything as Not available.
    1. Once you’ve excluded all elements from the installation, you need to include Microsoft Office Picture Manager from the Office Tools module. Select the + sign beside Office Tools. Then, select the arrow beside Microsoft Office Picture Manager, and select Run from My Computer.
    1. Select Install Now and let the wizard finish installing.
    1. When the installation completes, select the Close button to exit the wizard.
    1. Search for Picture Manager in the Start Menu and open Microsoft Office Picture Manager.
    1. You should now be able to use Microsoft Office Picture Manager.

    now that you have the Picture Manager, you can use it to view and make childlike edits to pictures on your personal computer. You can flush set it as your default video viewer.

    Why Use Microsoft Office Picture Manager?

    The primary reason you may want to consider using the Microsoft Office Picture Manager though is that it loads much faster than the Photos app. When you need to get things done faster, Picture Manager can be a lot less annoying.

    Microsoft Office Picture Manager besides offered a few features that the new Photos app doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate. For case, the red-eye removal tool. You can still do some basic editing on pictures using the Photos app, just like you can with the Picture Manager. Plus, Picture Manager besides allows you to send pictures via e-mail or create an persona library on your corporate intranet .

    Enjoy the Vintage Feel

    Microsoft Office Picture Manager gives you a tint of the XP feel you may remember from two decades ago. While the Photos app does include a lot of alike features ( and many fresh ones ), Picture Manager may be a good switch if you ’ re looking for a fast, Microsoft-created option. If you ’ re not entirely certain about Picture Manager, though, there are a few compel photograph viewing alternatives you may want to consider .

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