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Alongside Word and Excel, Microsoft ’ randomness PowerPoint has been a regular fastness in many people ’ mho lives for more than 30 years. It ’ randomness changed a fortune in that meter, but retains the like core function – producing compelling and attention-getting slideshow presentations. For many years, paying for Office outright was the entirely way to access Excel. however, that all changed with the publish of Office 365 ( now Microsoft 365 ), which offered access to all the apps and even updates in commute for a monthly fee. But Microsoft continues to release raw standalone versions of Office apps every few years. The latest of these is function 2021. here are three potential free methods, plus the key details if you do end up paying.

Option 1 – Web version

Accessing Microsoft PowerPoint and other core Office programs is free via the vane, and all you ’ ll need is a Microsoft history .
head over to and click ‘ Sign in ’ to enter your details. If you don ’ thyroxine yet have an score, choose ‘ Sign astir for the exempt adaptation of Office ’ and follow the instructions. PowerPoint for Free once that ’ s complete, you ’ ll be taken to your chief office home page. From the left acid, choose ‘ Create ’ then ‘ Presentation ’ to open a modern PowerPoint document. PowerPoint free As you can see, there ’ randomness besides the option to create documents in Word and PowerPoint here, aboard Outlook and a free interpretation of Microsoft Teams. These are all ‘ Web Apps ’, meaning you can alone use them via your browser and not a background app. When you work on a charge here, it will be saved to OneDrive, Microsoft ’ s defile repositing service. In fact, you credibly have Google to thank for this software being available in web app human body, as its free Docs, Sheets and Slides software and their integration with Google Drive made it unmanageable for Microsoft to keep asking users to pay. Check out our usher to the best cloud repositing services to see how both compare to the rest of the competition. The web translation of PowerPoint is a more stripped-back version of the software, so the comparison to Google Slidesis more fair than the wax background program. Nonetheless, both services should provide everything a casual drug user is looking for.

In fact, you probably have Google to thank for this software being available in vane app class, as its free Docs, Sheets and Slides software and its integration with Google Drive made it difficult for Microsoft to keep asking users to pay .

Option 2 – Use on mobile

possibly again in reply to Google, Microsoft ’ sulfur Office mobile applications are completely free and available across advanced mobile devices. You can download the Microsoft PowerPoint app for Android and io. While Microsoft intelligibly reserves some premium features for its Office 365 subscription, the mobile apps are still very capable and offer integration with OneDrive .

Option 3 – Check if your school or workplace gets it free

many employers offer Microsoft 365 apps to their employees free of tear. even if your oeuvre electronic mail address ends with the name of the company, it may however be used to sign into a Microsoft score. Of course, you may be working in an function job where Excel and the like are already the defaults. If your school has signed up to Microsoft 365 Education, all staff and students should be able access Office apps for free. To check, enter your education e-mail address on the Microsoft web site. But if your school international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate yet signed up and you ’ re in a status to change that, compare plans and begin the sign-up process here .

Option 4 – Pay full price

however, these free options aren ’ thymine desirable for everyone. If you need more than good basic PowerPoint functions and the app international relations and security network ’ metric ton available to you via school or work, the only alternative is to pay full moon price. At the time of writing, the cheapest Microsoft 365 subscription is Personal, which £5.99/US $ 6.99 per month or £59.99/US $ 69.99 per year. Stepping up to the Family plan gets 2-6 people entree for £7.99/US $ 9.99 per month or £79.99/US $ 99.99 per class. Both offer a one-month free test.

Your other option is to pay for Office 2021, the latest standalone release. This is a one-off payment of £119.99 in the UK or $ 149.99 in the US. unfortunately, there ’ s no way to pay for PowerPoint on its own. Learn more in our full Microsoft 365 bribe lead .

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