How to Download and Install Microsoft Office 2019 Products Requested from Charity Digital

With Office 2019, Microsoft has changed the way volume Licensing customers can download and install all Office suites and individual applications, including Visio and Project. Unlike previous editions of Office that were obtained through book Licensing, Office 2019 products ca n’t be downloaded directly through the volume Licensing Service Center ( VLSC ) .
If you ‘ve already requested an agency 2019 merchandise through Charity Digital and received an e-mail from the VLSC advise you that your license agreement is ready to be accepted, you can use these instructions to obtain your product .
Follow the instructions for the engage arrangement you ‘ll be using .

Windows Download and Installation Instructions for Office 2019

Beginning with Office 2019, all Office products for Windows that are available through volume Licensing function Click-to-Run engineering alternatively of the traditional Windows Installer engineering. To deploy volume accredited versions of Office 2019 products for users in your administration, you ‘ll use the Office Deployment Tool ( ODT ).

You ‘ll need a broadband Internet connection with download speeds of at least 20 Mbps to download Office 2019 products. note that Office 2019 products require Windows 10 and will not run on older versions of Windows .

Step One: Register at the VLSC and Accept Your Software Agreement

If you have n’t already, register at the VLSC and accept your software license agreement for the Office 2019 products you requested by completing merely steps one and two in our VLSC quick-start template .

Step Two: Get Your Office 2019 Product Key from the VLSC

  1. Sign in to theVLSC.
  2. Select theDownloads and Keystab.
  3. Find your Office 2019 product in the list and click itsKeylink.
  4. In the table beneath the name of the product, find your product key in the column labeledKey. TheTypecolumn for this key should say MAK, not KMS.
    • Office suites have separate setup keys for online functionality like web apps. These keys are not the same as the MAK product keys and cannot be used for volume activation of desktop products.
      VLSC interface with Key column highlighted.
  5. Copy the product’s individual key from this table and paste it into a program like Notepad or clickExport all keys: CSVjust above the list of products to download a list of keys in comma-separated-values format (which can be opened with Excel). This list contains all Volume License keys associated with agreements in your VLSC profile.

Step Three: Download the Office Deployment Tool (ODT)

  1. Download theOffice Deployment Tool from Microsoft.
  2. When the download is finished, open it, check the box to accept the Microsoft license terms, and clickContinue.
  3. You will be asked to choose a folder to store the extracted setup files. Navigate to the root level of your computer’s hard drive (C:) and clickMake New Folder. Then, name the folder “OfficeSetup” and continue with the extraction process. Note that these instructions won’t work if you choose a different folder name or location.
    Office Deployment Tool interface with new folder created
  4. When you are finished, your new “OfficeSetup” folder should have a file named “setup” and some sample “configuration” files. Delete the configuration files. You only need to keep the setup file.

Step Four: Download and Prepare the Configuration File

Download the configuration file that you need from the postpone below by right-clicking the connection for the file you need, selecting Save link as…, and saving the charge to the “ OfficeSetup ” booklet you created. Do n’t download more than one of these files to that booklet at a time. If you need to install more than one character of Office merchandise, you ‘ll have the opportunity to do so former .
Learn how to tell if you need the 32-bit or 64-bit adaptation .
adjacent, follow the instructions below to add the product key that you obtained from the VLSC in mistreat two to the configuration file .

  1. Right-click the configuration file and selectEditto open the file in Notepad.
  2. Look for the following string of text in the configuration file:
    • PIDKEY=”#####-#####-#####-#####-#####”
      configuration file open in Notepad with PIDKEY highlighted
  3. In this string, replace #####-#####-#####-#####-##### with your MAK client activation key by copying and pasting the key from wherever you saved it. You should leave the quotation marks before and after the key.
  4. Save the file and close it.
  5. Then, right-click the configuration file, selectRename, and change the filename to be “configuration”.
    • If the configuration file you downloaded has a name that ends with “.xml”, that means your installation of Windows has been set to display file extensions. If this is the case, make sure to keep “.xml” in your filename by renaming it as “configuration.xml” instead of “configuration”.

If you need extra customization for your deployment and have IT experience, you can use Microsoft ‘s Office Customization Tool to create your own shape files .

Step Five: Download and Install Your Product

note that all earlier versions of Office will be uninstalled when you install office 2019 products, then be sure to save and quit any Office applications that are running .

  1. Navigate to your “OfficeSetup” folder in File Explorer.
  2. You’ll need to perform the next steps using the Command Prompt, which is a text-based command-line interface that runs within Windows.
    To open the Command Prompt
    1. Click the address bar in the File Explorer window that you opened.
      File Explorer window with address bar highlighted
    2. With the address bar selected, type

      cmdand press Enter.
      File Explorer window with text entered in address bar

  3. Type the following into the Command Prompt that you opened.
    • setup /download configuration.xml
      Command prompt window with text entered

    It will look as if nothing is happening, but your product will be downloading in the background. The download will be a large file and might take a while to finish. Once the download is complete, you will be returned to the Command Prompt .

  4. When the download has finished, you’re ready to install the product. Type the following into the Command Prompt.
    • setup /configure configuration.xml

    If you see an error that says you however have previous versions of Office installed on your calculator, you ‘ll need to manually uninstall those programs and type the above command again .

  5. When your installation is complete, you’ll be returned to the Command Prompt. Close the Command Prompt and return to the desktop. Your Office 2019 product will be installed and ready to use.
  6. If you need to install a different Office product, delete the “configuration.xml” file from the “OfficeSetup” folder and follow these instructions again beginning atStep Four: Download and Prepare the Configuration File.

If you need to customize your facility or need more detailed instructions, you can refer to Microsoft ‘s office 2019 deployment guide for IT professionals .

macOS Download and Installation Instructions for Office 2019

With Office 2019 products for Mac, you ca n’t download the Office installation files immediately from the VLSC. alternatively, you ‘ll download an activation tool called the volume License ( VL ) Serializer from the VLSC and then individually download the Office facility files from Microsoft through the Office Content Delivery Network ( CDN ) .
The instructions for performing all these steps are provided in the VLSC under the Downloads and Keys yellow journalism for each Office 2019 merchandise for Mac. We ‘re including those same instructions here with more details for organizations that need more aid .

Step One: Register at the VLSC and Accept Your Software Agreement

If you have n’t already, register at the VLSC and accept your software license agreement for the Office 2019 products you requested by completing entirely steps one and two in our VLSC quick-start steer .

Step Two: Download and Install the Volume License Serializer

  1. Sign in to theVLSC.
  2. Select theDownloads and Keystab.
  3. Find your Office 2019 for Mac product in the list and click itsDownloadlink.
  4. Change theDownload Methodto “Web Browser” instead of “Download Manager” and click theContinuebutton at the bottom of the window.
  5. Click the download icon (circle with a downward arrow) to download the Volume License Serializer .iso file.
  6. Once the download is complete, open the .iso file to extract the Volume License Serializer package file.
  7. Run the Volume License Serializer package file on each computer that you’ll be installing a volume licensed Office 2019 for Mac product on.

If you requested more than one kind of Office 2019 for Mac product, you ‘ll repeat this process for each product .
We suggest running the bulk License Serializer before you install your function 2019 for Mac products in the future mistreat, but you can besides run the serializer subsequently if you prefer .

Step Three: Download and Install Your Products

The download links to obtain your office 2019 for Mac products from the Office CDN should be included in the text instructions that appear when you click the Download radio link for each product in the VLSC .
however, you can besides find the download links for the Office 2019 suite and individual applications immediately from Microsoft .
For the Office for Mac 2019 suite, you can choose whether you want the download to include Microsoft Teams ( Microsoft ‘s communications platform ) or not. After you ‘ve downloaded the facility package, open it and follow the instructions to install your product .
If you need to customize your initiation or need more detail instructions, you can refer to Microsoft ‘s Office for Mac deployment usher for IT professionals .

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