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Microsoft Office 365 allows students, Brown-paid faculty, and staff to download and install Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, etc. ) on up to 5 personal computers and use it while they are an active member of the Brown community .

  • Brown-paid faculty and staff – installing on a Brown-owned computer? Please use the “Office” links on Please use the “ Office ” links on rather . The non-365 versions are the same software, but for Brown-owned computers. Your calculator will need to be on the Brown network for initial activation and a periodic check-in .

Instructions for Mac and Windows

  1. Visit * ( Do not use Internet Explorer. Use Firefox or Chrome browsers. You will


    be able to download Office 365 on the Brown-Guest wifi/if offsite connect to VPN first. )

  2. Log in with your Brown username  ( for example, jcarberr ). This is your regular Brown username.

  3. You will be taken to a page on which you can download Office. Double click the downloaded file to start the facility .


In the consequence that you are prompted to enter a intersection key or activate when first base opening an Office 365 program, just click on “ Sign In ” ( normally on the bottom leave of the open window ). You will see an Office sieve asking you to log in with your e-mail address. Enter “ username @ ” ( with your username ) rather of e-mail address and snap on next. then, you will see the Brown logarithm in foliate. You can enter your Brown Username and Password normally here. *

first Log in Screen : DO NOT USE BROWN EMAIL. Use username @ blank second log in screen. Use Brown username and Password. blank

Instructions for iPad, iPhone, or Android

New with Office 365 is the ability to use the Office Mobile apps in read/write mode, on both Brown-owned and personally-owned fluid devices. If you already have Microsoft Word, Excel, or Powerpoint for iPad/iPhone installed, you can now turn those into full “ read/write ” mode. If you do not have the Office for iPad apps even, you can install them from the App Store, and succeed instructions below .

  1. Connect your iOS device a wireless network — it WILL NOT work on Brown-Guest.
  2. Launch one of your Office 365 applications (Word, Excel, or Powerpoint).
  3. Select the “authenticate” icon at the lower left of your open “Office 365” window. 
  4. Log in with your Brown username (e.g., This is your regular Brown username.

Renew the Software

The software will check in mechanically to make sure you are however an active Brown faculty/staff member. If you are n’t able to log in for 30 days ( for exercise, if you are not connected to the internet ), the software will operate in read-only mode. You must connect to the internet and logarithm in sporadically to maintain your access. If you change your Brown password, you may be asked to reenter your password. If prompted to log in, remember to use your username with which you originally signed in ( for example, jcarberr @ )

* You will not be able to access or be able to activate/renew if you are on the Brown Guest Network; all other networks will work. Troubleshooting Visit Troubleshooting and FAQs for Microsoft Office 365

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