How to Enable New Software Center in SCCM

In this post, I will show you how to enable new Software Center in SCCM. The new SCCM software Center allows you to select a logo for Software Center and notifications and much more .
Your arrangement ’ s IT admin uses Software Center to install applications, software updates, and upgrade Windows. There are a draw of customization options available in the raw version of Software Center .
The Software Center is installed along with the SCCM Client Agent and you can not install the Software Center manually. When you uninstall the ConfigMgr agent, the Software Center is besides uninstalled .
SCCM 1511 acquittance introduces a raw SCCM Software Center version that offers many newfangled features and advantages over the older versions. The former version of Software Center is no long supported. Take a look at how to customize SCCM software Center appearance and stigmatize.

When you install Configuration Manager for the first time, the new Software Center is not enabled, and you have to manually enable it from default Client Settings .
Note : To take advantage of newly Configuration Manager features, you must first update clients to the latest adaptation. While raw functionality appears in the Configuration Manager console when you update the site and console, the complete scenario international relations and security network ’ t functional until the customer adaptation is besides the latest .

How to Enable New Software Center in SCCM

To enable the new Software Center, launch the configuration coach console table, chink on Administration > Overview > Client Settings. Right-click the client settings ( default option or custom ), cluck Properties. In the Computer Agent settings, you will find a fresh context called “ Use new Software Center “. By default, the set up is set to No. Set it to YES to enable newly software center .
How to Enable New Software Center in SCCMHow to Enable New Software Center in SCCM
After you enable the newly Software Center, snap Customize to see all the customization options available. On the Software Center Customization window, you get to specify the follow :

  • Company Name
  • Color Scheme for Software Center
  • Foreground Color for Software Center
  • Select a logo for Software Center
  • Select a logo for Notifications

The under stigmatize options are wholly optional but when you configure it, your Software Center looks very nice.

New SCCM Software Center Customization OptionsNew SCCM Software Center Customization Options

New SCCM Software Center Experience

After you have enabled the modern Software Center option in the node settings, on the computers the node policy will be updated. You can modify the client policy polling time interval prison term in SCCM which defines how frequently customer computers checks and download new client policy .
once your customer computers have downloaded the raw policy, the old software center will be replaced with newfangled version. If you don ’ t see the new Software Center UI, you can manually initiate a Machine Policy Retrieval & Evaluation Cycle on your customer .
immediately on your computer, launch the Software Center. You can besides use the shortcut command softwarecenter: to launch the Software Center node on your calculator .
The below screenshot shows the newly version of SCCM Software Center client on the Windows 11 personal computer. You can notice that the modern Software Center is very different from the old one in terms of look and experience.

The newfangled version of Software Center has got many other options and a newly option called Device Compliance,  this is not for Compliance Settings ( DCM ) it ’ s for Conditional Access scenarios .
When you enable fresh Software Center in SCCM, the Software Center customer ( SCClient.exe ) is located in the trace path : C:\Windows\CCM\ClientUX .
New SCCM Software Center ExperienceNew SCCM Software Center Experience


I hope this article helped you to enable newfangled Software Center in Configuration Manager. The new Software Center allows you to change the stigmatization of Software Center to include your organization ’ sulfur name, colors, and logo. configure which nonpayment tabs are visible, and add up to five customs yellow journalism to Software Center and a lot more. Please let me know your experience with the newly Software Center and if you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments below .

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