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How to Install Software on a Laptop Without CD Drive

How to Install Software on a Laptop Without CD Drive

not all laptops are equipped with CD/DVD drives. Most manufacturers choose not to include magnetic disk drives to make their units little, thinly and pack. While some decide not to place disk drives to make their units cheap and low-cost, this is one component that is often compromised to make laptops accessible. Laptop with taskbar and code in view While this is a caveat for some consumers, most people prefer to have thinly laptops, so they are bequeath to forego the bearing of phonograph record drives. however, there are some obvious downsides. One of this is that you can ’ t install programs from an installer cadmium. thankfully, there is a workaround for this problem.

In this article, we will teach you how to install software on a laptop without a certificate of deposit drive. Without far bustle, let us start with the tutorial .

Using an External Drive

An external CD/DVD drive is an efficient alternate for laptops that do not have disk drives. You can use it by plugging it into the USB port of the calculator. There are hack and play external drives, while there are besides some that need to be installed via a driver. If it requires a driver, make sure to follow the instructions on installing the external drive. This is normally found on the manufacturer manual. After installing the external force, the adjacent step is to insert the software four hundred of the program you want to install. Wait until the external force reads the compact disk. If it shows up in “ My Computer ” chatter on the compact disk drive and proceeds with the software installation. Clicking on the candle drive will prompt you to an installation sorcerer which will guide you with the whole initiation process .

Using a Flash Drive

Another workaround is with the use of a USB flick repel. To do this, you need to copy the installer from a calculator with a CD/DVD drive. The first gradation is to copy the files from the installer four hundred and then pasting it to a flash drive. After copying the necessity data, punch in the flash drive to the laptop with no CD/DVD drive. Click on the installer file and then proceed with the initiation march. Using a different laptop that has a disk drive, the installer files found on the software disk can be copied onto a flash drive and then moved to the computer that has no disk drive. After the installation process is complete, close the window and then safely remove the USB ovolo drive .

Sharing a CD/DVD drive with another laptop on a wireless network

Another method acting is by sharing a CD/DVD drive with another laptop via a wireless network. This method though is more complicated compared to the steps mentioned above. You will make use of this shared campaign to install the mean software. It is worth noting that this measure besides works with older versions of the Windows OS. Before connecting the drives, you need first to configure and set up a radio network. once you have this in determine, you can now to proceed to the future steps.

The inaugural footfall is to configure the settings to share the drive among two laptops. To do this click on My Computer and look for the CD/DVD drive, right suction stop on it and choose Properties. In the properties window, look for the sharing yellow journalism and then click on “ advanced sharing. ” This will direct you to another window which allows you to select the drive you want to parcel. While doing this, make sure to assign a list for the drive so that it will be easy to detect. Open the Permissions Window and then click all right on the entire control checkbox. After doing this, click on Apply and then click OK to close the window. once again, chink on Ok to close the advanced share options. Different operating system versions may require a different overture, but it is slightly similar to what we have stated. You entirely need to navigate through the properties of the CD/DVD and then click on twist on the sharing feature. The future dance step is to set the sharing permissions. To successfully share your CD/DVD to another laptop, you need to turn on the license settings of the file partake deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as folder sharing on both laptops. To do this, you need to click on the search icon and then look for Network and Sharing Center in the search box. Click enroll, and you will be directed to the Windows Network and Sharing Panel. In this window, search for the sharing and discovery options. In this window, toggle on the file sharing and populace booklet sharing features. At this point, you already have enabled the file and booklet share option. once you have already done the steps mentioned above, the following thing you need to do is to install the software using the laptop that has an existing CD/DVD drive. To do this, it requires that you inaugural insert the installer magnetic disk on the laptop with the CD/DVD repel. After installing the software successfully, you now need to divert your attention on the calculator that has no disk drive. On the other laptop, click on the search banish and then input Network Settings. After this, you need to click on the name of the laptop where you enabled the share features and where you installed the intended software. In some instances, it may require you to log into the first laptop.

Afterward, double click on the folder where the program or software was installed. After this, you need to look for the installer charge. This is normally denoted by the filename “ setup.exe ” or “ Start.exe ” or something exchangeable. Take note of the booklet where you found the record if it is indeed from the install software. On the secondary laptop, click on the installer file and then proceed with the installation process. An facility ace might be present depending on the software, to guide you with the stallion process. Finish the initiation and voila ! You are done with the initiation. The final method acting we discussed is more long-winded and complicated. With this, we highly suggest that you use an external CD/DVD drive to guide you with the initiation .

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