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Remote Install is a built-in creature that facilitates Host deployment across multiple stand-alone or world remote control PCs. You can use the joyride to install, uninstall, start, stop and update a distant Host .

How to use Remote Install tool

  1. In the Viewer address book select a connection (or multiple connections) that you want to process using the Remote Install tool.
  2. Select the Tools tab and click Remote Install on the toolbar.

    Remote Install Tool button on Viewer toolbar

  3. A Remote Install Tool window will open. Select a desired Connection type and Action, and specify a path to the Host package by clicking Browse. See below for more information on these options.
  4. Make sure the remote PCs that you want to apply the action to are selected on the List of connections tab:

    Remote Install Tool window

  5. Click Process action. The action progress will be displayed on the Action log tab:

    Installation or upgrade progress on the Action log tab

Connection type

Select how you want to connect to the outside personal computer :

  • Windows NT security Connect to a remote computer using admin$ share. You must have local administrator rights on the remote PC. A typical example of using this option is “push-installing” the Host to a remote computer across your network.
  • Remote Utilities security Connect to a remote computer using Remote Utilities connection. A typical example of using this option is updating remote Hosts over the Internet.

Action menu

Choose what natural process to perform over the selected outside PCs. The options available in the Action menu count on what you have selected in the Connection type field :
Windows NT security :

  • Install/Upgrade host – install or upgrade the remote Host
  • Uninstall host – remove the Host from the selected remote PCs
  • Start/restart host – start or restart the remote Host
  • Stop host – stop the remote Host service

Remote Utilities security :

  • Upgrade host – upgrade/update the remote Host
  • Uninstall host – remove the Host from the selected remote PCs
  • Stop host – stop the remote Host service

Specify Host MSI package

You need to select a Host .msi file with which to do installation or update. This can be either the vanilla package or your custom-made package that you have prepared using the Standard MSI configuration option .
If you use the vanilla installer, make certain you download the latest version ( permalink ). Likewise, if you use a custom software make sure that you build it on the most holocene vanilla package.

Configure settings button

This clitoris launches the MSI Configurator where you can pre-configure the Host before the deployment .

Process action

Click Process action to start whatever military action you selected in the Action airfield .
Windows XP compatibility:
If Windows XP is installed on any distant personal computer on your tilt, you should disable Simple File Sharing in Windows XP. To do that, go to Control PanelFolder PropertiesView and clear the Simple File Sharing checkbox.

Windows 7/Vista Compatibility:
It is recommended to turn off UAC ( User Access Control ) for network connections. In the Windows register open the key [ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System ] and create a new DWORD value “ LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy ” =dword:00000001
Skip turning off UAC advice if you install the Host on a sphere .

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