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Congratulations ! You got yourself the most complete and safe internet guide to install Windows 7 in 2020 from a USB memory , a penitentiary drive or any data medium you have, such as an external hard drive for exercise .
Below we will show you the detailed step by step so that you can install your Windows 7 operating system satisfactorily and smoothly if you have it on a USB stick. At the end you will besides have a short quick tutorial to activate it .
At the conclusion of this complete guide you will get to have amply operational and without restrictions the second most downloaded operate system in the world : Windows 7 .

First step: Choose the correct memory

First you will need the right tools, we will start by talking about USB sticks.

You will need to have a USB memory that has at least 8 GB of storage , we recommend a good memory, from a reliable brand, in this character write and buying an cheap one of doubtful origin may be more expensive. The ISO file has a weight of 8 Gb, that is why if your memory has less space it will not work .
Remember that there are memories that have a fiddling less than the declare distance, so it is better to opt for one of 10 or 12 Gb .
The playpen campaign or memory you choose must be wholly free of information, there can be nothing inside it . If you incidentally leave a file inwardly, the application we use in this scout will ask you to format the USB key, so to prevent you from deleting files permanently and unintentionally, make certain that the memory is empty .

Step Two: Download Windows 7 version for external storage sources

once you have the adjust USB memory you will need to download Windows 7, in a translation available to be installed from a USB news bulletin drive. We leave you two feasible options depending on your particular shell :
If you have an original Windows 7 key, you can download the program from this link :
hypertext transfer protocol : //

Third step: Download a tool to start the computer from a USB

How to install Windows 7 from USB
The Windows USB / DVD Download Tool is the matchless you will need, it is simple and immediate to install, it besides does not weigh much, its download will be about immediate. You can download it through this link directly from the Windows foliate :
hypertext transfer protocol : // ? id = 56485
Through this application we can make our calculator, be it laptop or desktop, can boot from obliterable memory and frankincense execute the needed installation .
Download the program and open it by clicking on it .

Step Four: Run the Windows 7 USB / DVD program

Find the program we just downloaded and click on it to open it. once the beginning windowpane appears, you must follow the follow steps :
Click on “ browse “, find the Windows 7 ISO file that we downloaded in step 2 and click on “ next

Click on “ USB Device “. Select the USB memory you chose in mistreat 1 ( Remember that it must be placed in a USB port on your calculator .
Click on “ Start Copying “ .
once the action is finished you will have USB ready to start with the initiation of the Windows 7 operating system .

Step Five: Format Windows 7 from USB

Turn off your computer wait 20 seconds and then turn it on again. Once you turn on repeatedly press the F11 or F9 key , this will depend on the model of your calculator, if it does not work with one instruction, try the other .
When you press the adjust command, the boot will be executed using the USB memory, it is identical crucial that you lone have the USB memory that we created recently connected to the computer, do not put any early removable repositing source .

Step Six: Install Windows 7 from USB :

You will be on a screen very exchangeable to this one .
Look for the Boot Option # 1, inside it the corresponding USB and press enter.
Then a fairly intuitive and friendly Windows installation screen will appear.
Follow the steps, choose the version of Windows 7 that you want to install according to your engage organization and ready, the final thing you will do is click on “ Install ”, this will start the process that will last approximately an hour, depending on the speed of your team .

Bonus: Quick guide to activate Windows once installed

You can besides skip all the former steps and purchase a USB with Windows available to run directly, it besides comes with Official Microsoft key
But besides if you followed the former steps to the letter, you must already have your Windows 7 operating organization installed, now you have to activate it to be able to use all its functions .
You can click the “ Skip ” button once it asks for the license confirmation, this will allow you to use Windows 7 without activating it, but you will besides have respective restrictions, restricted access to certain functionalities .
The fastest ways to activate Windows 7 are two :
Buy Keys on propose :
Buy Windows samara ( offer )
Or you can download an activator from this connection ( we do not recommend this option, these activators from external sources may include malicious code for your computer ), if you want to use this option you must first disable your antivirus, then unzip the file travel rapidly and run the activator, your personal computer will restart at the end of the process and you will have your system activated :
hypertext transfer protocol : //

If you want to know more about activators and how safe or dangerous they are, you can search our article on activators for Windows 7 .
cook ! We hope this definitive guide to install Windows 7 from USB has been useful to you. Doing it this way is an excellent option to reinstall, install or format your computer ’ sulfur operate on system .
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