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The default prototype viewer on Windows 10 devices is the Photos application. Users can install third-party apps from the Microsoft Store or desktop programs like IrfanView, XnView, or FastStone Image Viewer to use better performing programs that are more feature-rich than the default option application .
Windows 10 users who worked on devices running previous versions of Windows or are silent working on those devices may have used Windows Photo Viewer in the past to view images on these devices .
Windows Photo Viewer is still available on Windows 10 devices but the program ‘s approachability depends on whether Windows 10 was clean-installed .
Windows Photo Viewer is available as an option if the device was upgraded from an earlier version of Windows, e.g. Windows 7. Microsoft ships Windows Photo Viewer will clean installations of Windows as well but it is hide and can not be reactivated this easily.


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Why you would want to use Windows Photo Viewer and not Photos ? Easy : Photos uses a multiple of the memory that Windows Photo Viewer required to display images. If you use both tools to display the like prototype, Photos uses about three times american samoa much RAM as Windows Photo Viewer. This increases to a bunch more when you do n’t open the trope directly in Photos but go to the ocular number of all available photos alternatively. RAM custom may go up to 400, 500 or tied more Megabytes well .

Restoring Windows Photo Viewer

windows photo viewer windows photo viewer
Windows Photo Viewer should be available on devices that were upgraded from previous versions of Windows to Windows 10. ad

Do the following to find out if that is indeed the case :

  1. Right-click on any image on the Windows 10 machine and select Open With > Choose another app.
  2. Select “More apps” if Windows Photo Viewer is not listed.
  3. Scroll down to see if the program is listed. If you see it there, Windows Photo Viewer is installed and ready for use.

If you do n’t see the program listed there, you need to make a couple of changes to the Windows Registry to bring it back. The exploiter Edwin over on Ten Forums published the code for the Registry that you need to add .
I have created the Registry file for your convenience but you can head over to the forum to create it yourself if you prefer it .

Download the follow Registry file to your arrangement : Windows 10 Windows Photo Viewer
I tested the Registry file on Windows 10 translation 1803 and the latest insider Build of Windows 10 interpretation 1809 and it worked on both .
equitable extract the Registry file after the download and run the Registry charge to add the data to the Registry. You need to restart the personal computer and should have Windows Photo Viewer as an choice in the Open With menu and elsewhere on the operating system .
You can make Windows Photo Viewer the default viewer for images but you can not use the Settings application for that. Microsoft blocks desktop programs from becoming the default ( programs you can browse to on the local system ), and suggests entirely some there. Use NirSoft ‘s FileTypesMan to associate desktop programs with unlike file types. Check out the coupled article for detail instructions on how to do so .

Closing Words

Windows Photo Viewer uses less RAM and it may even open faster than the Photos application on Windows 10 systems. It may be an option on a system where you may not install third-party viewers which offer better performance, resource custom, and functionality .
Now You: Which plan do you use to view images ?


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How to restore the Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10


Find out how to restore the Windows Photo Viewer desktop program on machines running Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system.


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