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Though there are several ways to use Windows XP on Windows 10 and 11, using it with the pre-installed image for VirtualBox adds many advantages. We prepared a Windows XP image with VirtualBox guest additions to make things easy. It will allow you to attach and use the latest calculator quickly. You can avoid downloading the decline ISO file, doing every initiation footprint ( unfortunately, the Windows XP installations take a longer time ) and extra steps by using this pre-installed trope. You may have unique reasons to have Windows XP on VirtualBox with Windows 11. It could be something you need to check the old bequest applications, play games that support only Windows XP, or open a file that can work only on Win XP. Using Windows XP as a VirtualBox pre-installed trope ( VDI charge ) will be handy in any of the above cases .

System Requirements

We believe you have the latest suitable hardware if you are using Windows 11 or 10. It will decidedly run Windows XP on it with Oracle VirtualBox.

Download Windows XP Preinstalled VirtualBox Image and use it on Windows 11.

1) Make sure you have the latest oracle VirtualBox application. It is a background virtualization software you can download from the official web site here. 2) Download the XP preinstalled prototype from our web site here. 3) You need to have the 7-Zip platform to extract this file. You can download 7-Zip from their web site here. 4) After the pre-installed visualize is downloaded, extract it using the 7-Zip program. 5) Open VirtualBox and create a new VM. 6) Give a name for VM and select the version as Windows XP (32bit). 7) Assign RAM size to 512MB. 8) Select ‘Use an existing virtual hard disk option’ on the hard magnetic disk universe blind . This will bring up a box where you can choose the available VDI file. We need to browse the Windows XP preinstalled effigy file we extracted in the earlier step. 9) Click on the ‘Add’ button and locate the charge as shown below. After attaching the file, complete the VM creation steps.

10) Before switching on the VM, let ’ s fine-tune a few settings to make the VM work good. 11) Open the VM settings and tick the ‘Enable I/O APIC’ under ‘System’ settings. This will enable us to allocate more the one processer effect for the VM. 12) then, in the ‘Processor’ tab key, increase the processers to 2. 13) Power on the VM now. Since all initiation steps are done, and VirtualBox guest additions are installed already, the Windows XP on VirtualBox virtual machine will boot and work smoothly. Network connectivity ( Internet ), strait and multiple screen resolutions, including full-screen mode, will work absolutely. You can change the user or Administrator password. You should have a work Windows XP virtual machine on your Windows 11/10 physical computer. It is highly recommended to take a snapshot before you make any changes. Since VirtualBox guest additions are installed on this VM, you can cursorily transfer the files/folders between the host and the guest virtual machine. It should be slowly to test the bequest applications, games and other activities requiring Windows XP on the latest Windows 11 calculator .

Troubleshooting Tips for Windows XP on VirtualBox

Based on the user feedback and findings, hera are some troubleshooting tips if your Windows XP virtual car is not booting or is stuck with the black sieve.

  • As mentioned in system requirements, if your host computer is Windows 10 or 11, it already has virtualization technology enabled in the BIOS. But, if you are using Windows 8 or 7 without VT-x enabled, you need to enable VT-x in BIOS before trying these steps.
  • You can change the chipset under the motherboard settings of the Windows XP virtual machine. It worked for me with PIIX3, but few users reported it worked with ICH9. So, it is better to change the try on your PC.

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