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With Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a newfangled architecture called Universal Windows Platform ( UWP ) that aims to unify the app experience across devices like desktops and mobiles. As such, all the new Universal Windows Platform apps use “ .appx ” or “ .appxbundle ” as their file formats. One of the beneficial things about UWP apps is that Windows manages all the initiation and uninstallation action so that you don ’ t have to worry about any leftover files or register entries .
broadly, you can download UWP apps directly from the Windows Store. however, if you want to you can directly download .appx files from a developer locate and sideload them in your arrangement. here is how to manually install .appx files in Windows 10 .

Enable Sideloading Windows 10

Before you can install or sideload Universal Windows Platform apps, sideloading should be enabled in Windows 10. thankfully, sideloading is enabled by default. however, it is better to verify and enable the “ Sideloading ” set, as it might be disabled by your administrator or organization.

To enable sideloading, cluck on the Notification picture in the taskbar and then select the option “ All Settings. ”
install-appx-files-win10-select-all-settings install-appx-files-win10-select-all-settings
once the Settings app has been opened, click on the choice “ Update and Security. ”
install-appx-files-win10-select-update-and-security install-appx-files-win10-select-update-and-security
here, navigate to “ For Developers ” appearing on the forget panel .
install-appx-files-win10-select-for-developers install-appx-files-win10-select-for-developers
nowadays, select the “ Sideload apps ” radio button on the right panel and close the window .
install-appx-files-win10-select-sideload-option install-appx-files-win10-select-sideload-option
You ’ ve now successfully enabled sideloading in Windows 10 .

Install .appx Files With Double-Click

To sideload a UWP app, just double-click on the .appx file. For case, I downloaded the .appx file of CrystalDiskMark UWP app and double-clicked on it .
install-appx-files-win10-appx-file install-appx-files-win10-appx-file
Since Windows uses its own installer, barely click on the “ Install ” button to start the initiation routine. As you can see from the prototype below, Windows will show you which capabilities the app will run with. In my case the CrystalDiskMark app will run with “ Full Trust Mode ” capabilities .
install-appx-files-win10-select-install-option install-appx-files-win10-select-install-option
once the installation has been completed, good chatter on the “ Launch ” release to launch the install UWP application .
install-appx-files-win10-uwp-app-installed install-appx-files-win10-uwp-app-installed
If everything goes well, you should be able to use the app like any other UWP app installed from the Windows Store .
install-appx-files-win10-install-uwp-app-running install-appx-files-win10-install-uwp-app-running

If you want to, you can uninstall the sideloaded app like any early app from the Windows Store. Simply find the app in the Start menu, right-click on it and then select the option “ Uninstall ” and you are adept to go .
install-appx-files-win10-uninstall-uwp-app install-appx-files-win10-uninstall-uwp-app

Install .appx Files via PowerShell

alternatively, you can besides use the PowerShell to install an .appx file. To start, search for PowerShell in the Start menu, right-click on it and then select the option “ Run as Administrator. ”
install-appx-files-win10-select-run-as-admin install-appx-files-win10-select-run-as-admin
The above action will launch PowerShell with administrator rights. here, navigate to the file localization using the under command. Don ’ thymine forget the replace c:\path\to\appx\file\directory with the actual directory way of the .appx file .

 compact disk c:\path\to\appx\file\directory

install-appx-files-win10-navigate-to-folder install-appx-files-win10-navigate-to-folder
After navigating to the want directory, use the under command to install the .appx file. Again, don ’ metric ton forget to replace “ file.appx ” with the actual UWP file name .

Add -AppxPackage .\file.appx

alternatively, you can besides use the below command :

Add -AppxPackage  -Path .\file.appx

install-appx-files-win10-execute-powershell-command install-appx-files-win10-execute-powershell-command
ampere soon as you execute the command, the app will be installed. You will not receive any confirmation message any in the PowerShell window. however, you can search for the install app in the Start menu and open it .
Do gossip below sharing your thoughts and experiences about using the above methods to install .appx UWP files in Windows 10 .

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