Step by Step Guide to Set Up Office 365 For Business

Plan to move your existing email, contacts, and calendar

How many mailboxes ?
A. good a few
If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate want to use the frame-up charming to migrate the mailboxes, you can let mailbox owners migrate their own e-mail and contacts. See Migrate e-mail and contacts to Office 365 for business.

If you are migrating from Gmail, see Migrate Google Apps mailboxes to Office 365 .
If you are migrating from another electronic mail provider, including Exchange, see Ways to migrate multiple e-mail accounts to Office 365 .

Plan for file storage and migration

agency 365 provides cloud memory for individuals, small businesses, and enterprises. For guidance about what to store where, see Where you can store documents in Office 365 .
You can move hundreds files to OneDrive or to an Office 365team site. You can upload 100 files at a time. Avoid upload files larger than 2GB, which is the maximum file size by nonpayment .
If you want to move respective thousand files to Office 365 storage, review the SharePoint Online Limits. We recommend that you use a migration cock or consider hiring a partner to help you with the migration. For information about how to migrate a large act of files, see SharePoint Online and OneDrive Migration User Guide .

Plan for Skype for Business

If you have Office 365 Business Premium or Business Essentials, you can use Skype for Business to make calls to other people in your business who are on your subscription. For case, if your business has 10 people, you can call and IM each early using Skype for Business without any especial frame-up .
For the follow features, you need to take some extra steps :
Make and receive calls from people external to your business
To make and receive phone calls from people external to your business, you have two options :
choice 1. Use the spare Skype app. If you have a very little clientele ( for exemplar, 1-2 people ) using the Skype app is the better way to go. It ’ mho less expensive to use for domestic and external calls. You can still hold conference calls, make television calls, and share your desktop for presentations. Check out the rates and payment options .
note that the Skype app international relations and security network ’ t region of the Office 365 cortege, so it won ’ thyroxine be integrated with Outlook 2016 the way Skype for Business is. This means your contacts in Outlook 2016 won ’ metric ton show up in Skype ; you ’ ll indigence to add your contacts to Skype .
We recommend starting with the Skype app to see if it meets your needs. If it doesn ’ thyroxine, then consider the following option, to upgrade your design .
option 2. Upgrade your plan, and buy Cloud PBX and the PSTN Calling plan.

substitution to the E1 or E3 plan :
Buy the E1 plan if you don ’ triiodothyronine want to receive voice mail .
Buy the E3 design if you do want to receive voice mail. hera ’ s how Cloud PBX voice mail works : When a user receives a voice mail, it will be delivered to their postbox as an e-mail with the voice mail message as an fastening. They can besides listen to their messages over their Skype certified background call, all Skype for Business applications .
Buy the Cloud PBX accessory .
Buy a PSTN Calling design : you can only buy this after you buy the Cloud PBX addition .
This second option is ideal for businesses with several people who make and receive external telephone calls .
There are early Skype for Business features you can add to your subscription, excessively .

Do you want to use Skype Meeting Broadcast?

Skype Meeting Broadcast is a feature that lets you produce, host, and air meetings with up to 10,000 attendees. To learn more about how it works, see What is Skype Meeting Broadcast ?
To use Skype Meeting Broadcast, you need to enable it, configure your net, and schedule a practice meet and have a drug user join it .

IM with Skype contacts or other external Skype for Business users

By default, everyone in the populace who uses Skype for Business will be able to contact you, assuming they know your electronic mail address, your firewall is configured to allow it, and they have open communication policies .
If you want to allow your users to communicate with some businesses but not others, see Allow users to contact external Skype for Business users .
Skype for Business and the free Skype app are two different services. You can give your users permissions to search for and IM with people who are using the free Skype app. To do this, see Let users add external contacts from Skype.

Choose who sees whether co-workers are online

The bearing feature shows who ’ sulfur on-line and what their handiness is, such as available, interfering, off, or presenting. You can choose the default settings for everyone in your occupation. For instructions, see configure presence in Skype for Business Online .

Plan for integration with Active Directory or other software

Do you want to integrate with your on-premises Active Directory? You can integrate your on-premises Active Directory with Office 365 by using Azure Active Directory Connect. For instructions, see Set up directory synchronism in Office 365 .
Do you want to integrate Office 365 with software made by other companies? If you need to integrate Office 365 with other software in your business, we recommend you consider hiring a spouse to help you with your deployment .

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